Sayajipura Market


A.P.M.C. Vadodara has create two market for all vendor to supply own product in this market.this grain market name putted as area name as Sayajipura Grain market yard.this grain market handled by The Baroda Grain Merchant Association.In this Market all type product such as grain,pulses,flour,spices or Import and export item to word wide or state from here.


Parking Facilities

Wall to wall R.C.C. road of 25 meter and main road of 30 meter width to facilitate smooth traffic and parking.

Organic Waste Converter

OWC (Organic Waste Converter) unit to convert organic waste of yard into valuable organic manure without fowl smell.

Rain Water Harvesting

Rain Water Harvesting by recharge bores in Hathikhana Market Yards to raise the water table and quality of under ground water.