General Information

View establish of A.P.M.C Vadodara & How to found A.P.M.C Vadodara

With the noble objective of ensuring a correct Weightment, Maximum price and Cost Payment to farmers, the State government established autonomous bodies called A.P.M.C Vadodara - or Agricultural Produce Market Committees - in various parts of the State. Every A.P.M.C Vadodara is literally a centralized market place - a meeting point for Farmers, Traders and Commission agents. The committee is responsible for providing the required infrastructure as well as preventing unfair trade practices by functionaries.

Traders commission agent A.P.M.C Vadodara regulate the wholesale selling of agricultural produce in their defined area of operation. The aim of regulating the market functioning was to introduce establish an open & transparent trading environment where in the sellers (who are mostly farmers) would bring their agricultural produce in the market to sell in open auctions.

The complete process of such sale including the auction, grading, payment and temporary storage then would be controlled by a regulating body represented by the democratically elected members.

Moreover, even the behaviour of the functionaries operating in the market area would be closely monitored. Updated information about the total inflow of various agricultural commodities, their prices, month-wise demand/supply position would be easily available.

As times have changed and as India moves towards a more liberalized Agric-trade environment, the A.P.M.C Vadodara are also gradually beginning to redefine their objective as facilitators of trade. Thus, some of them such as the Vadodara A.P.M.C Vadodara have taken the lead in establishing modern infrastructure and facilities, offering export guidance and support and so on.

History of A.P.M.C Vadodara

Welcome To A.P.M.C - Vadodara

Before & Even some years after the formation of Vadodara A.P.M.C, different markets like Grain Market, Orange & Fruit market, Potato - Onion Market, Chili & Cattle market were existing at different places in Vadodara city.

The founder members were of opinion that all the markets should be at one place near to the city. Having this objective in mind, the founder members requested the Vadodara Improvement Trust for allotment of a bigger land, near Vadodara. Considering the aspect seriously, Allotment of around 11.26 acre land in hathikhana area where Hathikhana grain market was developed in 1958 and after some year a big model market near Ajwa Chowkdi on N.H. 8 Sayajipura Market yard is developed in area of 30 acre.